Power Point Carpet

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Crafted from 100% STAINMASTER® Tactesse® BCF nylon, Power Point immerses you in luxury and modern day aesthetics. With multi-level cut and loop construction, Power Point contributes an element of textural definition to the durable yet elegant carpet and is available in 72 fashion inspired colors.

Color Line

Pp01 Baked Linen
Pp02 Atrium
Pp03 French Beige
Pp04 Custard
Pp05 Dry Chamois
Pp06 Embossed Sand
Pp07 Decorative
Pp08 Wheat Straw
Pp09 Quincy
Pp10 Megellan
Pp11 Warm Toast
Pp12 Ovation
Pp13 Buckeye
Pp14 Spiced Curry
Pp15 Pretzel
Pp16 Aberdeen
Pp17 Cognac
Pp18 Fossil
Pp19 New Putty
Pp20 Vanilla
Pp21 White Dove
Pp22 Naturelle
Pp23 Palette
Pp24 Pongee
Pp25 Deep Buff
Pp26 Almond Mist
Pp27 Silver Wood
Pp28 Bravado
Pp29 Wood Smoke
Pp30 Reseca
Pp31 Toffee
Pp32 Alaskan
Pp33 Museum
Pp34 Minkmaze
Pp35 Ground Coffee
Pp36 Armor
Pp37 Gifted
Pp38 Barely Green
Pp39 Jade
Pp40 Moon Struck
Pp41 Historic
Pp42 Rainsong
Pp43 Daylilly
Pp44 Willow Wood
Pp45 Fauve
Pp46 Golden Rae
Pp47 Ivy Cottage
Pp48 Sage
Pp49 Cairo Gold
Pp50 Hanging Garden
Pp51 Fir
Pp52 Byzantine
Pp53 Rain Forest
Pp54 Salem
Pp55 Respect
Pp56 Pacific Pearl
Pp57 Rose Petal
Pp58 Salute
Pp59 Blue Haze
Pp60 In Bloom
Pp61 Coastal
Pp62 Marine
Pp63 Toasted Rose
Pp64 Grey Mist
Pp65 Ribbon
Pp66 Woodrose
Pp67 Revere
Pp68 Violetta
Pp69 Fine Wine
Pp70 Swiss
Pp71 Serenade
Pp72 Red Fire
Carpet Fiber Brand - List Stainmaster
Commercial/Residential R
Construction - Carpet Cut/Uncut
Country of Origin USA
CRI Certification Yes
Dye Method Skein
Face weight ozs/yd2 58
Fiber Nylon
Fiber Brand Stainmaster Masterlife, Ultralife
Fiber Content Stainmaster Masterlife, Ultralife
Gauge 2/77
Pattern Repeat 1/2" x 2/3"
Pattern Repeat 1/2x2/3
Primary Backing Polypropylene
Secondary Backing Custom-Bac Woven Polypropylene
Secondary Backing Custom-Bac™ WP
Stain Treatment Stainmaster
Total Weight (ozs/yd2) 104
Type Cut and Loop
Type Pattern
Type Description Cut/Uncut
Type Description Cut/Uncut Patterned
Type Description Pattern
Warranties Two-year limited repair or replacement warranty.
Warranty - Abrasion STAINMASTER® 20 Year Abrasive Wear Limited Warranty
Warranty - Soil STAINMASTER® Lifetime Soil Resistance Limited Warranty
Warranty - Stain STAINMASTER® Lifetime Stain Resistance Limited Warranty
Warranty - Texture STAINMASTER® 20 Year Texture Retention Limited Warranty