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Fabrica - A Passion for Perfection
Fabrica carpets and rugs are recognized for their singular beauty and exceptional quality.

Product Line

Accolade Accolade merits praise in any interior setting. The combination of softness and fullness of hand coupled with the 72 distinctive colors makes a statement which defines the meaning of magnificence. Crafted from 100% STAINMASTER® Luxerell BCF nylon Accolade provides a true sense of luxury and elegance. Color Line

Alluvial Alluvial has a feeling of movement creating channels of flowing pattern elements traveling in an elegant fashion. Alluvial, a flowing, cut and loop pattern, combines softness of hand with superior performance. Made with 100% STAINMASTER® Luxerell® BCF type 6,6 nylon, it is available in fashion forward colors. Color Line

Angelico New technology combined with a unique pairing of Stainmaster fibers allow Fabrica to expand the cut pile pattern market with the introduction of this collection. The patterned field features a multicolor effect that adds a textural interest not found in existing patterns. The 32 color effects are unique and definitely additive to what’s currently in the marketplace. The product is densely constructed with the fine finish and luxurious hand you have come to expect.

Arris Arris is a rich tufted loop pile pattern in 100% New Zealand Wool. Its large felted yarn, constructed in a linear pattern with dramatic texture and sheen, brings warmth and sophistication to any room. Available in 17 beck dyed natural colorways. Color Line

Athena Color Line

Bel Air Color Line

Beverly Hills Color Line

Bistango Bistango is an integrated pattern with geometric lines and angles that are suggestive of the classic herringbone style which is widely used in the ever popular European wicker bistro chairs. The tone on tone effect is created by the use of cut and loop pile variances. Bistango is manufactured using 100% STAINMASTER® Tactesse® BCF nylon and the colorline is comprised of thirty earthen hues. Color Line

Bon Ton Bon Ton is a sophisticated basket weave pattern of 100% New Zealand Wool. The felted yarns ensure high performance. Bon Ton is available in 17 natural colorways. Custom colors are available. Color Line

Bora Bora Like the upscale resorts of Bora Bora, this style transforms any home space into a vacation paradise. The delicate trellis has a refined finish and is ultra soft and smooth to the touch. Bora Bora is crafted from 100% Stainmaster® Luxerell™ BCF nylon and offers the same exquisite beauty and casual elegance as the island which inspired its creation. Color Line

Breakers Immerse yourself in the luxury of Breakers. Reminiscent of the posh resort in Palm Beach that is furnished with the finest appointments, Breakers provides unparalleled quality and comfort for casual elegant homes. The design is enhanced with multiple textures and colors, while maintaining its softness of hand . Made of 100% STAINMASTER® Tactesse® BCF nylon and available in a sumptuous color palette consisting of 24 colors. Color Line

Cape Town Color Line

Captiva Fabrica has a long standing tradition of offering the finest in the cut pile plush. As we did with the long running European Classic series, these products feature a broad assortment of color – 80 in all – for use as broadloom as well as coordinates for our custom rug program. The density of the products combined with the high twist of these Stainmaster Active Life fibers make these products good choices for moderate commercial use as well as heavy residential.

Champs Elysees Color Line

Chantrel Color Line

Chez 100 For over 30 years Chez 100 has been the industry standard for fine count, cut pile carpet. Offering the ultimate in luxury, it is the signature product of Fabrica. Quality Without Compromise assures that Chez 100 will continue to be the premier carpet choice for fine interiors. Chez 100 is presented in a palette of 100 outstanding colorways. Custom colors are available. Color Line

Chez Côte The challenge was to create a product from the same beautiful fine count luxurious yarn that has been so successful over the years for Fabrica. Chez’…we all know the name, Côte …French for rib. “Chez Côte” was created to meet this challenge. The design inspiration is from the finest velour Corduroy fabrics. The colors came straight from the Fashion runways and Home Fashion shows. Spot lighting 48 of the latest trend colorations, from the perfect white and blackest black including watery blues, navy, plum, taupe and grey to the newest deep oxblood, fresh skin tones and blush colorations to the latest hit on the runways…mint green. For Home Fashion, no matter what the setting “Chez Côte” will be noted as the latest in Haute Couture. Color Line

Chinois Where soft meets sophistication and performance. Reminiscent of an extremely fine mesh, Chinois creates a sophisticated smooth loop and cut texture for today’s interior decor. The small scale pindot pattern offered in a 48 solid colorations… literally from black to white is sure to give your interior space the classic design look that will harmonize any décor. Constructed using STAINMASTER ™ TruSoft™ nylon for the most durable performance in ultra-soft floorcovering on the market. Color Line

Classic Elegance La Rochelle has been a best-selling product for many years. We decided to take this classic pattern and bring it up to date with a softer more luxurious yarn system, adding the newest most elegant trend right colors and enhancing the pattern definition resulting in the creation of one of the most exciting new product introductions for Fabrica this year. Classic Elegance features 48 gorgeous colorations, starting with the best-selling colors from La Rochelle and adding the latest neutral colorations……multiple shades of taupe, beige and grey, while rounding the color line out with the latest home fashion trend colors, of cool mint greens, watery blues to the deep rich tones of navy, berry, teal and dark chocolate. Classic Elegance is truly tradition at its finest. Made of 100% STAINMASTER® Tactesse® BCF nylon. Color Line

Cotton Club Cotton Club….100 ounces of the softest STAINMASTER® TruSoft™ fiber available. With the look and feel of the softest cotton, we created the heaviest most luxurious product available in the Fabrica line today. Texture and finish invoke a casual yet voluptuous feel. The color palette for Cotton Club was created to celebrate the renowned new product with the most exciting new shades. Mineral and vegetable inspired colors from light dusky tones to color soaked shades that are guaranteed to make a room come alive. Color Line

Denali Denali merits praise in any interior setting. The combination of softness and fullness of hand coupled with the 72 distinctive colors makes a statement which defines the meaning of magnificence. Crafted from 100% STAINMASTER® Luxerell BCF nylon Denali provides a true sense of luxury and elegance.

Dolce Dolce, in musical direction, means ‘sweetly and gently’. This dense, soft, cut pile, with unsurpassed pinpoint tip definition, offers tranquil elegance for any home interior. Made of 100% Advanced Generation Nylon 6,6, Dolce is featured in 30 majestic colorways. Color Line

Dominique Color Line

Donegal Donegal - this cobblestone-like pattern draws its inspiration from the charming township of Donegal, Ireland where in the early 19th Century, Donegal tweeds became a namesake for the classic coarse texture and tweedy colors that we have captured in this exciting, new introduction. Earthy browns, turf inspired taupes, hazy neutrals and cobblestone grays are among Donegal's many diverse color choices. Made of 100% Permasoft™ nylon, Donegal’s random loop pile texture is a combination of exceptional durability and ease of care. This along with the versatility of its varied colors earns Donegal a distinguished place among Fabrica’s collection of industry leading soft floor covering products. Color Line

Esperanza Color Line

Hyperian Hyperian is a study in how simplicity of form can transcend to become sophisticatedly elegant. It is a beautifully rendered fine quality wool blend that has a shimmering striated pattern creating a foundation for the most discriminating interiors. Hyperian is available in 15 distinctive colorways. Color Line

Kennedy Point

Mallorca Mallorca is a wool masterpiece offering the drama and romance of Old World traditions on an impressive scale. Stylized acanthus leaves swirl in this cut and loop carpet. It is available in thirteen colors of 100% New Zealand Wool. Color Line

Marilyn Marilyn features a classic corduroy pattern highlighted by the use of different lusters. Constructed with Stainmaster TruSoft fibers, Marilyn is inspired by the success of wool and silk combinations in the same construction. The difference is this product gives you the performance of Stainmaster, a lower price point and a selection of 33 colors. Color Line

Mia Bella Mia Bella is a statement product that is sure to enhance your design scheme whether it is used as broadloom or a rug. A new interpretation of the classic shag, it is constructed with Invista yarns of different sizes, luster and dye levels. The resulting blend creates a dazzling sea of color that inspires while not overwhelming the design plan. A proprietary yarn process allows us to create a finer finish than normally seen in shags that enhances the overall presentation. The color line is a blend of sophisticated neutrals and unique accents – 32 in all – that gives you the flexibility to personalize your décor to your needs.

Montage Montage was masterfully designed to be an artful blend of comfort and elegance. Inspired by the classic tiles found within the Tuscan region of Italy, Montage serves as the foundation that creates a mélange of luxurious interiors. The cut loop technique creates softened lines that form a ribbon-like trellis pattern that is truly unique. Complete with the lavishly soft STAINMASTER® Tactesse® BCF nylon, Montage is offered in 36 timeless colors. Montage is truly one of the most versatile styles within Fabrica’s extensive collection of carpet patterns. Color Line

Montalcino Montalcino is a hill town in Tuscany, Italy, a classic fairytale hilltop town, set within a full circle of fortified walls and watched over by a mighty castle of medieval perfection. Montalcino, west of Pienza, is a beautiful village immersed in the breathtaking Val d'Orcia Natural Park, renowned all over the world for the production of its precious Brunello red wine. Since the 15th century, Montalcino has been made incredibly rich and famous by its Brunello wine, one of the world's best and most appreciated Italian wines. Color Line

Nepali The rich history of Nepalese weaving craftsmanship inspired Fabrica’s newest style Nepali. Old World blankets and rugs influenced the casual contemporary finish which translates into a product that coordinates with the stone, fabric and distressed metal textures in today’s upscale residences. Made of 100% STAINMASTER® Tactesse® BCF nylon, Nepali has a soft finish to the touch yet it’s built for long-lasting performance. Color Line

Pandora Combinations of cut and loop create the subtle grid-like pattern in Fabrica’s latest introduction, Pandora. This loose interpretation of a classic grid has a casual attitude but can easily work with a multitude of styles. The color line is rich with neutrals that work as a canvas backdrop to complement any room in the home. Pandora is constructed using STAINMASTER® Tactesse® BCF nylon. Available in 30 colors. Color Line

Paragon A sophisticated, bulky, level loop carpet made with 100% pure New Zealand Wool, Paragon is available in 30 marvelous colors. Custom colors are available. Inquire for details. Color Line

Patina Nouveau Hollywood glamour is one of the hottest new home décor trends to hit the market place today. Patina Nouveau is the perfect product to fit that need. This beautifully constructed, shimmering cut pile ribbed product features a soft hand and lustrous finish reminiscent of the finest silk carpets. The 24 colors created for Patina Nouveau were specifically chosen to enhance this feeling of glamour and elegance through colors matched from luxurious products such as minks, sables, fox furs, crystals, diamonds and black velvet. This fabulous new product will fill any home decorating need from Contemporary, Transitional, Art Deco to Traditional settings. Patina Nouveau is the epitome of glamour and fashion. It is skillfully crafted of 100% STAINMASTER® TruSoft™ BCF nylon Type 6,6. Color Line

Petit Point The classic woven pin dot is recreated with the introduction of Petit Point. Made with 100% New Zealand wool, the 16 colorations have been refined to reflect the subtle changes in neutrals and accents that today’s design savvy customer is looking for. Best of all, the price point for this classic wool product makes it an item that fits more budgets than one would expect. Color Line

Power Point Crafted from 100% STAINMASTER® Tactesse® BCF nylon, Power Point immerses you in luxury and modern day aesthetics. With multi-level cut and loop construction, Power Point contributes an element of textural definition to the durable yet elegant carpet and is available in 72 fashion inspired colors. Color Line


River Song Striations are playing an increasingly important role in the design world and with River Song we once again create a product that we believe is best in class. Featuring Stainmaster Active Life fibers, the classic striated pattern goes with a variety of decors and the density of the construction assures you of superior performance. The color line features 33 colorations with an emphasis on sophisticated neutrals favored by the fashion savvy.

Saba Saba is a textured wool contemporary carpet with a structured geometric cut and loop pile pattern. Saba is available in twelve marvelous colors of 100% New Zealand Wool. Color Line

Savant The perfect combination of quality, beauty and versatility, Savant provides a unifying design element that will relate well to the textures and surfaces throughout your home. Made of 100% New Zealand wool, Savant is available in 32 fresh and exciting colors.

Seduction Seduction was created to do just that. Enticing your customer to touch and feel the velvety finish and tight dense construction that creates the captivating look of the finest upholstery. Sixty vivacious coloways serve to indulge your customer with the most trend right colors available today. From the purest white, freshest neutrals, deepest black to today’s pastels and bright tones, Seduction has everything you’re looking for in a luxurious fabric for your floor. Color Line

St. Croix Fabrica has a long standing tradition of offering the finest in the cut pile plush. As we did with the long running European Classic series, these products feature a broad assortment of color – 80 in all – for use as broadloom as well as coordinates for our custom rug program. The density of the products combined with the high twist of these Stainmaster Active Life fibers make these products good choices for moderate commercial use as well as heavy residential.

St. Germain Color Line

Venice Fabrica’s new Permaset™ Wool pattern Venice, with its woven, lattice-like design, will compliment a variety of interior design schemes, providing a setting of relaxed elegance, from casual wicker to the sophisticated style of British Colonial. Venice is made with Fabrica’s revolutionary 100% Permaset™ Wool. This new milestone development in wool strengthens the twist of its yarn, giving us the ability to vat dye Venice in an old world process that allows deep color penetration while maintaining yarn integrity. Color Line

Veranda Our new Veranda pattern, made with Permaset™ wool, reflects the perfect canvas for any casually elegant room setting. This open weave pattern receives its influence from a popular textile known as boucle. Veranda also has similar woven-like elements often seen in sisal. However, our Permaset™ wool is much more luxurious under foot. Veranda represents the epitome of excellent design balance that will harmonize with any interior and is available an extensive range of 48 sophisticated colors. Color Line

Villa Maria Villa Maria is a unique combination of texture, color play, and pattern. Using a technique where colors ebb and flow throughout the carpet, Villa Maria has a random striation-like appearance that creates visual intrigue. Offered in 9 natural neutrals, and made of 100% New Zealand wool, Villa Maria makes a lasting impression of beauty and quality in your home. Color Line

Visage As the pattern market continues to become more sophisticated, the need for pattern with multiple colors has become a frequent request. This need is meet with the introduction of Visage. Made with a combination of Stainmaster Active Life and TruSoft fibers, we are able to achieve 3 color pattern effects that stimulate the design process. Thirty two unique colorations combine with a dense tip sheared construction to give you a new avenue of opportunity in the patterned market.

Waimea A smartly tailored carpet, Waimea’s dense textural woven- like pattern creates an exciting natural exuberance and will enliven any interior space. With 24 refreshing color selections, Waimea exemplifies the elegance of simplicity and is made with the comfort and durability of 100% New Zealand Wool. Color Line

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